My Democratic Faith

jury selection

As a 9-to-5 employee, I need to have some sort of outlet during the next four years. I have spent a lot of time since the election trying to do something and this was what I wanted to do – a daily blog. The project will be called My Democratic Faith. Here’s the plan

  1. My country – My favorite Supreme Court justice is Justice William O. Douglas. To say the least, people hated Douglas. And he deserved a lot of that hatred. But when I was an idealist college student, his radical ideas published in Supreme Court opinions gave me an idol. A portrait of him sits on our bookshelves in our living room today – right below most of the books he published in his life time. The book that becomes relevant today – An Almanac of Liberty – will be one of my guiding lights in the next four years. One portion of my daily writing will be to highlight and comment on the day’s entry. Of course, over the course of four years, this means, there will be repetition. That could be part of the fun.
  2. My daily briefing – this will be the top news stories that I read that day for you to peruse. I read a lot of news through my Twitter and Facebook feeds. Instead of posting anything there, I will use this and you can read it all here.
  3. My daily distraction –  I will report on what I have done outside of work. This may be book reviews, music thoughts, comic book chit chat, and whatever else I may feel like writing.
  4. One sentence story – As a recap of my day, I have read previous people talk about telling a story in one line from you day. I generally don’t leave my house when I work but hopefully, I will be able to have a story-a-day.