The Multiplex

Into The Wild

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I have had this movie sitting on our DVD player for about a month now from Netflix. I just couldn’t get the 2.5 hours to watch it. I also was not too enthusiastic about watching it. I read the book before the movie came out. And I have the same thoughts about the movie as …

The Visitor

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I wanted to see this movie for Richard Jenkins’ performance, but ended up really liking the entire story. It was a bit heavy handed with its critiques of the immigration policy in this country, but some heavy handedness may be useful in the discussion. Overall, a good movie with a gentle plot and an interesting …

Man on Wire

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  Fantastic look at a man trying to achieve a personal goal; no matter the consequences.  On August 7, 1974 (8 years before I was born), Phillipe Petit crossed the gap between the World Trade Center. This documentary shows trials and tribulations of the impossible task with the people involved and spectacular videos of his …