Gaslighting a Murder

A Saudi dissent journalist was murdered, dismembered and destroyed in a Saudi consulate in Turkey. Our government, including a hard line Secretary of State, gaslights us. For those who don’t know the movie Gaslight, a husband slowly persuades his wife that she was going insane. Our government wants to pretend this is all in our minds and we need an investigation from the suspected murderers to truly understand what happened.

Compare that to Kavanaugh just two weeks ago where they curtailed an investigation into their nomination. I wonder what would be at the heart of this?

Audio exists regarding the brutal murders. The President pretends it does not. And he pretends he has no ties to this brutal dictatorship. Vox lays out those lies.

Hollywood rolled out the red carpet for the new dictator only a few months ago. Now, they need to question it – even though the regime has been oppressive for decades.

As the midterms take over the airwaves, pay attention to this story. Our gas prices may go up – but the Saudis think they can murder anyone and get away with it. And our current administration wants to tell us we are the crazy ones. 

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