Buttons and Bows


I turned it off after he questioned Sen. Klobuchar if she had ever blacked out after drinking. Petulant men never look good. Sen. Graham had already looked unhinged and took control for the Republicans away from the female prosecutor they brought in to make them look friendly to an alleged sexual assault victim. 

But once they no longer had to pretend to care and had an angry white man looking at them, they wanted to built up his rage by adding their own.

All they could imagine is the allegations that one could bring about them. They no longer thought about what the allegations meant. They no longer pretended to care about the victim. No one appeared to notice how a supposedly impartial judge pointed fingers at everyone but his own adolescent behavior. The way he would say “beer” said it all. Every question was beneath him. He deserved a seat on the Supreme Court and you digging up his past would not get in his way. Therefore, this process was unfair.

And then he asked a woman who just said her father was an alcoholic if she ever drank too much to forget parts of the night. No tone of regret when his past frat boy days appear clear to anyone who does not want partisanship to rage.

Conservative judges cover our courts. Legal scholars would fill the seat and vote the way the Federalist Society wanted on almost every issue. Yet, they have hung their hat on a man who obviously is mad that he will not get what he wants. And he acts just like all of the other men who have been accused (and convicted) of their past crimes.

I woke up at 4:45 this morning still upset. I put on a few episodes of TV that generally make me laugh (see below). And now I have to go to work. Generally, I put podcasts on during the day so that I can know what goes on in the world. 

I won’t listen to any more about the Supreme Court nominations. I can’t. My faith in decency cannot follow this until it’s over. He will get confirmed. And another bully wins.

It just might need to be a music day.

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