When My Brother Came to Visit

Over the last weekend, my brother and sister-in-law came to visit. Dave and Amanda have not come down to see the house since we moved to Lexington. And that capped the whole family visiting us.

Although it was a quick visit as they headed to a festival in Louisville, we were able to spend a lot of time together.

They arrived on Wednesday night so we took them to Ramsey’s for dinner. When we first came to town, it was where people took us, so we do the same. It provides a glance at Lexington in a meal. And the food, generally, is really good. But the important part was we had all day Thursday together.

Bourbon and Horses – Lexington, KY in a Nutshell

As with every guest we have, I made pancakes for breakfast. Rarely do I take out the griddle and my recipe because making pancakes for two leads to leftover pancakes. Most likely, they didn’t expect pancakes, but I had everything ready for when they woke up. Enjoying laughing and conversation, breakfast ran long but we had nowhere specific to be. We made the decision to go to Woodford Reserve for a distillery tour, Keeneland for the chance to see a horse, and then a hike at Raven Run. A full day with a 90 degree late September high.

Woodford Reserve

I still do not like alcohol. It seemed pretty cool how they developed it all, but it still tastes like death. I think everyone had a good time. Mash and all!



After lunch at Wallace Station, we headed to the racetrack just to walk around. Little did we know that the yearling auction was taking place. Amanda and Brian decided that we should try to get really close looks at the horses. I definitely felt like we were going to get thrown out at any time. We saw the auctions occurring on the screens in every aisle of stalls. It definitely was a uniquely Lexington experience. And I’m glad we stumbled upon it.

But Then We Went Home

Unfortunately, it was too hot afterwards. So we headed back to the house to spend some more time with Max. He enjoyed that. Then we continued to talk and decide to go for sushi for dinner.

That was really intense. There was a coconut volcano.


Overall, it was great to have people here. I enjoy the connection and the conversation. The hardest part of living six hours away from family is missing that ability to just talk. I know most people create friendships to have that ability, but I have never had luck in that arena. I’ve always relied on my family for that.

I know with the life we will live that I have to get better at making those types of friendships, but it won’t be a quick change.

Until then, I will just smile thinking about their visit – watching them play with Max, laughing about childhood stories, and discussing what we hope the future brings.


  1. Joyce Baxendale

    Thanks for sharing your family visit. It sounds delightful. If Jeff were still with us I believe he would have been down to check out Lexington with you, especially to see the horses.

    1. Post

      No doubt in my mind. Though the theater here is not Chicago’s, we would have found many places to take him, including the racetrack! If nothing else, the southern style of cooking would have meshed well with his favorite foods!

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