Please Help Puerto Rico

puerto rico

puerto rico

Although the news has not been as focused on the disaster of Hurricane Maria, the people of Puerto Rico need us. National news and cable news focused on Houston for days. Fundraisers flooded our television because millions lost so much. Puerto Rico has over 3 millions Americans within its borders.

I cannot say anything that is not in the Washington Post this morning. People will not have electricity, decent water, or any regular services for months. The island is incredibly isolated, but organizations are on the ground to help. Unfortunately, our federal government does not seem to be responding.  But the private charities can and will.

How Can You Help Puerto Rico?

100% of donations to Unidos will go to Hurricane relief – if you choose it on the website.

I donate money to Operation USA which will help in all of the disasters of this year.

UNICEF helps children around the world – and has a specific Hurricane relief fund.

The First Lady of Puerto Rico has started this charity to help in the wake of the Hurricanes.

They need a lot of help and we need to provide the love that we have showed to Houston and Florida. Puerto Ricans are Americans – who have to pay taxes, but cannot vote. The President cares more about football; the Congress cares more about tax reform and taking away health care. We, as Americans, need to step up and show the compassion.

I have never been to Puerto Rico. Most of what I know about the island comes from West Side Story. But Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico. Every dollar helps. Not a time for thoughts and prayers. Do what you can do and share this information to your friends and family.



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