Dysfunction and Hurting Americans

jury selection

I would update my Trumpcare page but I have no idea what is in the bill anymore. Will the taxes end? Who knows? Will my Grandmother still have a place to live through Medicaid? Who knows?

Got to love a government that has no interest in transparency or the well-being of any people.  Luckily, they will still have the same care they have today.

One day, people will actually pay attention to the pain of others. All of these Americans, for better or worse, lose out. And so many others do not care. But I guarantee that the next time they get sick, they will wonder why they cannot go to the doctor.

It’s truly a dysfunctional and sad day. Let us hope that enough Republicans stand up tomorrow. Let us hope that so many fall asleep and dream about the innocent people who no longer will have access to any health care. It will never be them because of the cushy government jobs they have. But maybe they will finally meet someone who they care about who will need assistance.

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