Liberals Never Think Long Term – The Supreme Court

supreme court

supreme court

Back in the summer of 2016, I posted too much on Facebook and argued too hard that liberals do not understand what was at stake. Months into the current Presidency, they seem to understand a little, but still seem vacant behind the eyes. The New York Times had a short couple of sentences: Justice Kennedy has told clerks he does not plan to stick through this administration. And if that happens, you won’t get universal health care in our lifetimes.

People have argued, “You don’t know that!” But after seeing the first opinions from Justice Gorsuch, we will have the most conservative Court if Kennedy retires since the 1920s. Now, what happened in the 1920s? Go back and read this blog.

  • The eight-hour workday could not be federally mandated.
  • minimum wage laws,
  • worker protections (unless you’re a woman who should not be working too hard anyways…)

Justices Alito and Thomas thought Obamacare was unconstitutional. Justice Gorsuch definitely does. Justice Kennedy already did. Add a new one – and Chief Justice Roberts will have his conservative block for the next decade. If Justice Thomas also retires, the youngest conservative on the Court will be in his 50s. That would be most likely 30 more years on the Court. I’ll be retired by the next time liberals could have control over the Court.

But of course, liberals did not think about this at all. They were too stupid to think hard. No long term political plays works from them. As Senator McConnell plays the long term with a maniac in the White House, Democrats continue to bicker. As the Supreme Court decides that the federal government should not have a role in any major policy due to the 10th Amendment, liberals argue over not being won over.

We lost – but liberals do not understand just how much in 2016. Maybe if they spent more time thinking about the people they wanted to help instead of purity, they would have voted. And they would have worked to elect a Democratic administration. You have no third party choice. You have no ability to create some sort of progressive alliance. Instead, you handed the reins to a group of white men who will change the country back to the time where our country hanged on the brink of economic ruin. Good job.

Voting rights will not come back. Gerrymandering will become acceptable as a partisan tool. Gay marriage could disappear as religious liberty becomes the important component. The administrative state will be dismantled as states gain the power to not to anything. The death penalty will strength. Abortion goes back to the states.

And those are the easy cases. Go read what the Federalist Society wants to do with government. Nothing that Bernie Sanders or even Barack Obama wanted will come to fruition. Even Hillary Clinton will be too liberal for the Supreme Court.

Instead, we get reactionaries that will redefine American society as a place with business can run over the rest of us; where a person does not have to provide public accommodations for anyone else; and where the government collects taxes to build a war machine but has no role in a society net.

However, most liberals do not understand that our history is full of Supreme Courts that hurt the movement of society. Before Brown, there was Plessy and Dred Scott.

We need new William Brennans, Thurgood Marshalls, and William O. Douglases. However, they are never on the table when an election takes place because that makes a long-term strategy important. And liberals cannot think long-term anymore.


  1. walter baxendale

    Dan, check out the Pew Research article on Trump’s attacks on the Johnson Amendment Tax status of religious organizations could make for an interesting future.

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