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Most likely, the Republicans will decimate Medicaid in the coming weeks. And most likely, if you voted for a Republican, you don’t care because you don’t think it will affect you.

Maybe, you are right. But I can tell you who will be hurt the most by these cuts: grandparents.

About a month ago, my grandmother passed away at the age of 100 years old. In 2002, she had to sell her home in Des Plaines, IL and move into an assisted living facility. She owned over 3/4 of an acre in suburban Chicago. At that time, she may have become the richest person I knew.

However, hundreds of thousands of dollars do not go very far if you need 24-hour care. Although she easily paid for her retirement up until 90, she got incredibly sick from C.Diff. And with that diagnosis, she moved from assisted living into a nursing home. For over ten years, she lived in that nursing home, but her money ran out a lot sooner than that.

15% of Baby Boomers have retirement accounts that would match my grandmother. Yet she died on Medicaid.

Do you have more than half a million dollars saved up? How about your parents? Do your grandparents?

If not, then you better find a way to pay for their health care because, in a matter of weeks, you won’t have the government’s assistance.

Instead, you’ll have to take care of it all on your own.


Maybe you don’t care about how my grandmother lived. But maybe you care about how your neighbor’s children live.¬†Using 2014 data, 7.4 million seniors used Medicaid and 5 times as many children relied¬†on it. 34 million children received health insurance through Medicaid.

But how many children live in the United States? 73,941,848. That’s 47% of all children.

Of course, the important part is that the government won’t tell you what to do.

If you have a heart and care about people, call your Senators today and tell them that this is inhuman.


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