Month: April 2017

Arthur Wergs Mitchell, Pullman Cars, and Discrimination

Arthur Wergs Mitchell

My Country – Arthur Wergs Mitchell In 1934, Arthur Wergs Mitchell became the first Democratic African-American member of Congress. Representing the First District of Illinois, Mitchell integrated himself into the Chicago political machine and changed political parties. However, over time, the machine came to dislike him as he challenged their authority. He began his career as an …

Simon Fish, A Supplication of Beggars, and Sir Thomas More

simon fish

My Country – Simon Fish A major component of An Almanac of Liberty is British history, specifically religious history. Simon Fish wrote an attack on monasteries and the Roman Catholic Church. The tract was A Supplication of Beggars. Fish called the clergy “sturdy, idle, holy thieves.” He argued that they collected vast wealth for over 400 years through …