Month: March 2017

William and Mary Katherine Goddard, Comic Bumps, and Black Monday Murders


My Country – The Goddard Publishing Family Justice Douglas focused on the free press a lot in these first 45 days. William Goddard published the Maryland Journal and the Baltimore Advertiser. Goddard encountered multiple mobs because of several pieces he ran from a column called “Tom Tell Truth.” The column satirically called for the colonists to accept the British’s …

Political Tolerance, Walter Lippman, and Sundays

Contempt of Congress

My Country – Political Tolerance Continuing off of President Jefferson‘s First Inaugural, Justice Douglas quotes Walter Lippman. Lippman wrote the book Public Opinion and was one of the founding editors of The New Republic. Lippman argued that many great nations declined and fell when the people became irreconcilably divided and the when politicians became enemies. Instead of trying to …