William Cosby, Independent Judiciary, and Shaker Village

My Country – William Cosby

William CosbyWhen Governor William Cosby of New York was in England on an absence, his Lieutenant Governor drew all of the Governor’s salary. But when Cosby return, he demanded the Lieutenant Governor pay him half of his salary. The Lieutenant Governor refused, but Governor William Cosby did not want to sue  for he feared going before a jury.

So, he created a special court where there would be no jury. The judges who held office were there at the pleasure of the Governor and King. After this court was established, William Cosby had his Attorney General sue for his salary claims. Imagine having a political leader create something to suit his own needs, instead of the needs of the people.

However, a question regarding the validity of the new court was raised. The matter came before the Supreme Court of New York where Chief Justice Morris ruled that the creation of a new court without the assent of the legislature was unlawful. Of course, this meant that William Cosby dismissed Morris in favor of a judge that would render him the “correct opinion.” Cosby would next be known for another important judicial decision: Crown v. Zenger.

Again, imagine if a leader decided to focus on one particular judge with ridicule.

Due to this measure, the Declaration of Independence included

He has made Judge dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices.

In other words, the actions of Governor William Cosby led our founding fathers, including Chief Justice John Marshall, to establish an independent judiciary. The courts cannot be made a tool of executive power. Here is hoping…

Daily Briefing

  • I would take 200 books and half of my time on social media. I have tried to keep my phone on a different floor so that it becomes less of a crutch.
  • Bannon did say his respected Lenin. Looks even more true now.
  • The only people who hate government bailouts are the people who receive money from the government. They love that they got some. They just don’t want anyone else to have it.
  • The attack on the Quebec City mosque got very little attention from our press or our government. None of the people who constantly post church things on their walls mentioned a house of worship attacked by a white nationalist. I think that says a lot about people who post about religion. They don’t care about freedom of religion – they only want to propagate their religious tendencies.
  • President Obama constantly had the line: apologist next to his name because he said that America made mistakes. Now, this President called us killers. Where are those same angry people? That’s right – voting for in and making excuses. Partisanship is a rough pill.
  • I’m hoping to be able to go to the next New Kentucky Project forum.

Daily Distraction

Today’s the last day that my family will be in town, so since it was almost 55 degrees, we took them to the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. After a beautiful drive through the Palisades over the Kentucky River, you end up in a different time. Lots of old buildings where a Shaker community previously lived. We were able to put on little costumes and explore the area. We listened to a phenomenal musical performance of Shaker music. And we were able to just enjoy the sun and walk around on an early February.

I also took my father to Keeneland at sunrise so that he could take some pictures. We walked around the grounds alone. It was a little surreal to hear nothing but the occasional roar of a jet as we wondered the racetrack.

One Sentence Story

A wooden spoon makes a better drumstick than a whisk.

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