The Thirteenth Amendment, “Wait, What,” and Fluoride Treatments


The last time I went to the dentist, I got the Bart Simpson special – 13 cavities that needed to be filled. Today, six months later, I don’t have to go back for six months. So, although the country quickly becomes an authoritarian’s playground and the world slowly falls apart, I do not have to worry about a root canal for the next six months. I’ll take the win.

My Country – The Thirteenth Amendment

Thirteenth Amendment
“Scene in the House on the Passage of the [Thirteenth Amendment]”
On January 31, 1865, Congress passed the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution:

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Justice Douglas ties the Thirteenth Amendment to peonage, which I had no idea what it meant. Peonage is compulsory service in payment of a debt, which basically just reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where they write their pilot. Not surprising, these laws did not really matter as people continued to enter into peonage. As a new member of my local PBS station, I recommend this documentary on peonage “Slavery by Another Name.”

The ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment occurred on December 6, 1865.


Daily Briefing

  • A climate change denier who is an economist who worked for Heartland has been given the reins of NOAA. The world is screwed.
  • The National Constitution Center website is remarkable and should be the envy of every content website. All of the information I read about the Thirteenth Amendment came from this remarkable source.
  • Would Jack Kirby, one of the creators of Captain America and my personal comic book hero, have sucker punched Richard Spencer? Mark Evanier answers.
  • Will Republicans save our country? Based on the lack of spine and dreams of dismantling our government, I will say no.
  • David Frum writes a remarkable tale – what the future may look like and what we can do to stop it. I am a proud subscriber to The Atlantic. So should you.
  • Guess who is creeping into the Ukraine again? Our President’s new best friend! Guess who is afraid? Ukrainians!
  • In fighting among the Democrats will definitely end well. Put your ambition aside for a little while as we try to defeat a tyrant. Okay?
  • Rep. Tom Price used his role to get stock advice. Martha Stewart when to prison for something similar. I’d rather have her as the Secretary of Health and Human Services.
  • But I thought he was for jobs?
  • Looks like the Red Cross decided which side it wants to be on. Donate anywhere else.
  • Racism really is a hard drug.
  • How libertarians see the new Supreme Court nominee. I said it over and over again during the election. This is a two generation appintment.

Daily Distraction

My favorite podcast is Wait, WhatI began listening to the podcast very early in its inception. I quickly grew to love the banter and the discussions that Jeff Lester and Graeme McMillan had. Over the course of the show, I began to read manga and subscribed to Shonen Jump Weekly due to Jeff, I fell in love with old DC stories due to Graeme, and Jack Kirby became my hero due to both of them. They are the comic book friends I always wanted but never had.

When I ran the Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee, I brought headphones put did not want to use them unless I was in pain. I recently injured my hip and was unable to train as hard as I would have liked. I got all the way until mile 23 but I could not go any farther without struggle. And I needed to finish, but I needed the headphones and my iPod nano (which was an amazing device). I went straight to Wait, What. By mile 25, I was running again and laughing. In considerable pain, their conversation made the end bearable. I wrote to the podcast to thank them and told them the marathon story. The email I got in return continues to be one of my favorite emails.

When they became a Patreon supported podcast, I joined as soon as possible. Although I am far behind on the Baxter Building, their Fantastic Four read-through podcast, I try to stay up to date on their regular podcast. I am generally behind and do not participate in their forums as often as I would like. And I always dream that I would create enough of a critical voice to write for their webpage. I suppose I can use this blog as a way to write critically about comics, literature, and culture.

As long as they podcast, I’ll listen.

One Sentence Story

Fluoride flakes fill the front four teeth as I flirt with my first taste of vanilla flavored freshly brewed coffee.

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