Populism, James Madison, and Hamilton Leithauer + Rostam

At the end of the 19th century, populism through William Jennings Bryan almost consumed the Democratic Party. Today, the Republican Party has been consumed. Funny that in both instances it was white, rural voters upset with their lack of opportunities.

 After several days of above normal temperatures, we hit the mid-thirties again. I had to put a coat on to play with the dog. Such a shame for January.

My Country – Restrains on Populism, If Only

Justice Douglas quotes James Madison in one of my favorite quotes, that the republican form of government emerged “to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority.” Douglas focuses on the power of checks and balances built into our system.

I have thought a lot about this concept in the current atmosphere. We all consider ourselves the minority that needs to be protected. We all want the power. And if nothing else, partisanship wins mean more than anything else to most Americans. Our system was designed to be open and allow this through

  • a President who would be elected by an Electoral College, which would be selected from the best and the brightest;
  • a Senate that would serve longer than any other role to allow them the freedom to not worry about election at every turn;
  • a House that would be very responsive to the people as their elections would occur every two years; and
  • a Supreme Court that would be named by the President, approved by the Senate, and have no political constraints put on them.

“In other words, the majority could not unite against the minority propertied interests.”

Populism has taken over our country against all of the fears and the checks and balances. Populism has raised its head before: Andrew Jackson and William Jennings Bryan are two of the most central figures. We the People can cause pain to each other. Minorities need our help and need our respect. What will you do to provide that?

Daily Briefing – When Populism Take Over

  • The State Department quit.
  • When a libertarian explains why “Buy American, Hire American” is a bad idea.
  • Are you really pro-life or just anti-abortion?
  • Voter fraud is a fraud. In the end, it’s only a way to keep the young, the old, and the poor who do not keep their IDs up-to-date, due to moves or money, from voting.
  • Propaganda by any other name. Oh, and an actual Hitler comparison makes sense here! Huzzah!
  • No terrorist that has attacked this country came from any of the countries on his list. This is not about terrorism. Remember: Anne Frank and her family were denied access as refugees to our country. If you’re not standing with the Anti-Defamation League, you’re on the wrong side of history.
  • There cannot be a Justice William Pryor.
  • When you’ve got one of the worst performing school systems in the country, why not just teach the Bible? The tests will be easier: God.
  • Craig Ferguson will be on Sirius Radio. Glad I re-upped. 2017 is looking better!
  • Thanks Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. You turned the Doomsday Clock forward.
  • No Hurricane Sandy relief from Paul Ryan. But you can build a useless wall for $15 billion. Rot in hell.
  • So many people told me that I had nothing to worry about. LGBTQ issues are mainstream. Well, when a Youth Summit cannot take place because of an administration, I call foul. This is disgraceful. As an LGBTQ individual who has been told that I do not need health screenings, the CDC needs to do summits like this to understand how the medical community fails us.
  • It’s any wonder why his approval rating is already 36%.

But Dan, What Can I Do?

  • I say this a lot: if you are a Democrat, run for office. Don’t just tweet. We all have to consider it.
  • Want to get to work and bring back our country? Here’s one of the first elections that you can make a difference with!

Daily Distraction

The SiriusXM radio station I listen to the most is SiriusXMU, their version of a college radio station. Of course, since I was one of the least college radio type people when I was in college, it only makes sense that in my thirties, I would listen to vinyl and indie rock. But I listen to this station to learn about new musical acts and hear something more inventive than modern pop music, which I have never liked. I’ve always listened to Musicals and Motown – with British 60s-70s rock, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Billy Joel sprinkled along the way.

I’m not surprised that I enjoy the new album from Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam since I like The Walkmen and love Vampire Weekend. The album creates an aura with the sounds they create and encompass me as I listen. You can hear tones from 50s and 60s rock in the rhythms and the harmonizations but the sound is far more modern. Even an electric guitar Bob Dylan warping into Vampire Weekend style wall of sound. A haziness with strong drum beats beautifully fill the airwaves.

You Ain’t That Young Kid has a perfect Blonde on Blonde riff. I would not be surprised if Gram Parson was not an influence on Peaceful Morning. Everyone has heard In a Black Out in an Apple commercial. And I could listen to A 1000 Times that many times. But then again, I love unrequited love songs.

One Sentence Story

Melted butter over frozen fish resembles a custard.

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