A Wall

jury selection

Bill needed a walk. The wet spring breeze that entered his car as he drove home did not provide enough clarity. He needed a lighter air to encompass him.

Without even stepping foot inside his parents’ home, he started down the street. A few neighbors were outside but none of them were familiar. He waved nonetheless.

Standing on the corner, he saw a face in a car stopped at a four-way intersection. His eyes quickly moved down so that the top of his head could be visible. The cars wheels moved past through the top of his vision. His head returned to its upright position with a deep breathe.

Even though they had not spoken for ten years, Bill recognized Harris. They spent too many days together for him not to. ┬áBut the only thing left from high school was a few books he didn’t return to the library.

Bill turned around and headed back to his house. The neighbors were still outside and he could see his mother in the doorway.

When he got within earshot, she said, “I thought I heard your car but I couldn’t find you.”

“I needed to stretch my legs.”

“Good to be home?”

“I suppose so.”

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