Mount Prospect Trustee Race – 2013

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In April, Mount Prospect will hold an election for village trustee. There are six candidates on the ballot. Below are samples of articles regarding the candidates, information on their personal beliefs and other political opinions, and this will be updated along the election to better serve Mount Prospect.

<updated with new Carl Ariazza video 2/26>

Almost every candidate running for Mt. Prospect village trustee and park board commissioner have agreed to participate in the Mt. Prospect Journal’s debate/forum on Wednesday, Mar. 20 beginning at 7 p.m. at Mt. Prospect Village Hall.


Trustee Steven S. Polit
    • Picture with Rick Santorum on Facebook page
    • Political organizations according to Facebook page:
      • Eagle Forum of Illinois
        • A public policy organization partnering with Eagle Forum, for God and country, leading the pro-family movement since 1972.
        • Currently, lobbying to defend marriage in Illinois
        • Associated with Phyllis Schalfy
      • Patriot Voices
        • A 501(c)(4) organization started by former Sen. Rick Santorom
    • Daily Herald – Feb 21, 2013 – “”We, as the village, need to take a leadership role there and get all the existing business and property owners on the same page,” Polit said. “I’d like to see a ‘Kensington Business Center Association’ formed to provide a single focus.”
  •  John Matuszak
John Matuszak


    • “What are you going to cut and how much will that save?” Matuszak asked. “When you cut those services, what will be the impact to the community?”
    • According to Matuszak, Dyslin and Arriaza continue to argue taxes are too high, but do not offer an alternative budget. “If they want my vote, they need to tell how their budget cuts will impact my life,” Matuszak emphasized.
    • Daily Herald – Feb 21, 2013 – “The Internet has been a huge change, obviously,” he said. “Going forward, we should target businesses that can do well on the Internet. Mount Prospect is a great location for companies and retail stores, we just have to be smart and aggressive to get them.”
  • Michael Zadel


Michael Zadel
    • Mt. Prospect Journal
      • “I would first like to maintain a fiscally conservative approach to providing village services after identifying and prioritizing needed capital projects. Then implementing funding sources to accomplish these projects in a manner that provides minimal impact to the residents’ financial obligations<.>”
    • Daily Herald – Feb 21, 2013 – “…he’s happy the village has taken steps to annex properties on the south end of the village near O’Hare International Airport. Those could be good sites for warehouse-type developments, he said. He added that while progress in the downtown area has been slow, there are encouraging signs of life.”


  • John Dyslin
    • This Facebook page has many discussions between Dyslin and his opponents, specifically Polit. The main issue is regarding increases in property taxes.
John Dyslin
    •  Columnist for
      • “John Dyslin is a lifelong conservative and Republican. He currently is a precinct captain for the Republicans of Wheeling Township, a Liberty Leader with the Illinois Policy Institute and a volunteer for several Republican candidates in Illinois. He also is a veteran magazine editor, covering industries such as HVAC, electrical contracting and workplace safety and health.”
    • Daily Herald – Feb 21, 2013 – “…the village has to re-evaluate its business permit process to make sure it runs as quickly and smoothly as possible. He said he would make attracting businesses to the downtown area and the Kensington Business Center a priority.”

Kevin Grouwinkel

Kevin Grouwinkel
    • Mt. Prospect Journal article  – okay with three incumbents winning re-election and will ask soon-to-be mayor to fill her empty trustee spot with him. 
    • Daily Herald – Feb 21, 2013 – “…while he’s pleased with the overhaul of Randhurst, he too wishes more had happened in the downtown area. He said he would encourage more active communication with prospective businesses and existing property owners. ‘There’s been some progress downtown, but it’s been slow,” he said. “Bringing new businesses in is a huge help in keeping taxes reasonable for residents. Downtown has to be a top priority going forward.'”


Carl Arriaza

Carl Arriaza

  • Daily Herald – Feb 21, 2013 – “…’new eyes’ are needed in the area of downtown redevelopment. While retail chains and major restaurants have opened at Randhurst, he said the village must work harder to get smaller businesses.”

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