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I bought a fish- a blue Gourami- about five years ago. It started off as a few inches big and grew to probably be too small for the ten gallon tank that he called home. I named him after my dog, who was sick at the time, but added an umlaut over the u in Buster and pronounced it Booster. He died over the weekend and it is a bit sad. He was my last living animal connection to my dog. I would look at him everyday and think of Buster. He was such a big fish and I had no idea how he got like that but he was always entertaining. I have no idea how long such fish live and if five or six years, since I really don’t remember when I got him – it was when I decided to restock the fish tank after I moved home – but he seemed to live a good life.
Fish are hard though. It is a lot of water changing and cleaning. Nonetheless, I only have three small fish left in there, which is probably better for the health of the tank. But it looks lonely without this massive blue fish floating around scaring the other fish with its little tentacles. I wish I took a picture of it…

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