What I Want My Hair To Look Like

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How do I make my hair look like that? How does one style hair? I have no idea. Any tips would be great.

I have basically had the same hairstyle and haircut since I grew hair. I don’t always want to look like a frazzled teenager.

Basically, I’m looking for advice, assistance, and pointers on how to look better.

I subscribe to GQ and Details and all I gleaned from those is that I need to have nice abs and a lot of money. I have neither, so I want to fix my hair up a little.


  1. Woods

    How long is your hair, currently? As long as I’ve known you, your hair has been pretty short. My estimate is that you’d have to grow yours out just a little longer before you could really make it look like that.

    That said, the clothing style here is exactly what I’d imagine you’d be able to pull off.


  2. Jason

    I think Woods is spot on. I’ve always been surprised at how much hair it actually takes to style, especially when styling products are used.
    Getting your hair to be like the hair of the man above may require a little time of having an awkward slightly too long, but also slightly too short hair length. The challenge to getting a certain hair style is putting up with the often less than desired intermediate phases.
    Good luck Dan.

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