I’m Not Digital Yet – Comics Edition

jury selection

When I received the e-mail from Graphic.Ly that they are no longer in the app business, I wondered what would happen with the apps I bought there. It wasn’t much, but there were a few. And now it looks like Comixology is basically on its own. Over at Bleeding Cool, they note that this is good news for them and it’s hard to disagree. I cannot wait until my iPad crashes or something and I cannot redownload the Graphic.Ly add and then have to read whatever I bought on my computer until I forget about it.

This really is my largest concern about digital comics. Yes, there are paper pamphlets all over my floor and boxes are crowding me out of my room, but I at least have them. And they are not cheap. If I am going to pay $3.99 for something, I don’t want to lose access to it unless I decide to throw it away. If I decided to go all-digital, what happens if Comixology fails? Will I, like Graphic.Ly, have access through a computer or somewhere else? Doesn’t seem like great odds. It does make them very toss-able, like they use to be.


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