Review : The New Deadwardians #1

jury selection

I did not expect to pick up the first issue of this story as I am not a zombie or vampire fan, but the article last week in Comic Shop News made me reconsider that choice. I’m glad I grabbed it. The premise of the story is that the upper class in Victorian England had to make a choice during a war that somehow involved zombies. And the choice was to turn themselves into vampires so that the zombies would not be attracted to them. Everyone else – just in between, literally.

Abnett has created a lot of intrigue into this world within the first twenty pages of the series. The region has been broken up into zones, their are union members striking about something, and there was a war. Enough information to begin the story, but with enough details hidden. And Culbard gives the images a light feeling that reminds me of all of the illustrations in Illustrated Sherlock Holmes stories. Though naked vampire wasn’t really necessary… The weakest part of the book is the coloring. The yellowish tint gives this an old look, but in the discolored paper way.

The main character, Chief Inspector George Suttle appears to have a back story in the war that could become very interesting. His mother appears to be similar to Maggie Smith’s character on Downton Abbey. And the other police officers may provide a different view of the entire situation as Suttle is the last homicide detective, who appears to be not in high regard by the rest of the police.

There are several cliches in this first issue. The maid is killed by a zombie called a zombie called restless. Another is bitten on the wrist. This maid begins a story that will most likely come back around. However, generally, these cliches do not distract from the introduction to this story. It starts as enough of a deviation to what I have read before to keep my interest. I will be back for #2.

Abnett and Culbard start an interesting take on a typical story that seems to be much in demand today. This mini-series may fill a gap (that did not really seem to need to be filled) between iZombie and American Vampire well.

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