Cancelled 52 : Thoughts and What Comics I Will Be Looking at in May

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Of the six titles that DC just cancelled, I had decided to drop five of the six by this point, even though I started reading all but Static Shock at the start. Men at War and Blackhawks didn’t have what I was looking for in new war comics. Both I thought were very well done, but they didn’t excite me to pick up the next issue. Mister Terrific also seemed fine, but as I try to save some money, this was an easy book to drop. Hawk and Dove was only on the list because Sterling Gates was writing the book. Once it was announced that he was off the book, so was I. I have never read anything Rob Liefeld has written, but these characters were not interesting enough for me to continue. I enjoy OMAC but it is a book that did not seem destined to be long for the world as Keith Giffen was moving onto new books and Dan Didio has other things to do.

I am excited about some of the new books:

Batman Incorporated should be good. I am interested to see where it takes place and how it continues between old DC and new DC. I also enjoy Chris Burnham’s art. And who doesn’t like Grant Morrison? Show me this man and I will question his judgment.

Earth 2 by James Robinson and Nicola Scott will be entertaining. I liked Robinson’s end of JLA. I thought he took marginal characters and made them exciting and fun. It was a light heartened book with some serious storylines. The Eclipso story really showed what a good character Donna Troy can be when put with the right people. ¬†With the Justice Society being on another Earth, I am expecting a JLA/JSA cross-over by the end of the year. I would assume Geoff Johns will be writing it.

I love Power Girl. The entire run of her last series was fantastic, so though the Huntress mini-series isn’t that enthralling, I’ll pick this one up. The art alone should be worth it.

Dial H is one of my favorite concepts. A regular person finds a phone dial and becomes a hero when he or she dials H-E-R-O. The Will Pfeiffer run about ten years ago was fantastic and China Mieville is a great novelist. I saw him talking to Shelly Bond at the Chicago Comic-Con. I know nothing about the artist but with Brian Bolland doing covers, they should be entertaining.

However, I am done with war books so I will not be getting G.I. Combat and I don’t think I’ll be picking up the Ravangers as I am not reading Superboy. I’m assuming several of DC’s favorite sidelined teenage heroes (possibly Static Shock and Spoiler) will appear in this book. I would also guess that a Wildstorm character or two will be there.

Anyways, more fun in the comic world


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