Everyday Fear

jury selection

According to Mitt Romney, he once feared receiving a pink slip. Currently, I do not go into work fearing that. My concern isn’t that I am going to lose my job tomorrow. It’s that my debt burden from law school is going to cause me unbelievable heartaches. My fear is that I cannot save money now to help others go to college to make a better life from themselves. Not one of the major Presidential candidates mentioned this in yesterday’s ABC debate and the moderators didn’t ask.

When Rick Santorum states that there aren’t classes in America and that there are only middle income individuals, that is just semantics. Whatever you call them, middle class or income students are putting themselves and their families into incredible debt to try to build a better life and the American Dream. Why isn’t a conservative party who believes strong in our economy not trying to get the best and brightest the best educations that America can give us. This isn’t about Ivy League schools. This is about bachelor degrees in fields that we need to advance into the digital age.

Education wasn’t mentioned. Contraception was. And this is why our political system is broken. This is why people are sick of elections and parties. This is why we’re in trouble. Between the candidates and the media, we have millionaires asking millionaires questions that affect all of us. We have millionaires giving answers to millionaires who donate to their campaigns. We need more. We need something.


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