Across The Sea

jury selection

My summer has gone well thus far. Much better than a typical summer would go. I believe being comfortable at work and a little bit of therapy helps me immensely.

Today was a 5 mile run. It went well. I think I can finish the 10 miler next week. Not like I have much of a choice though.

I feel I could be doing a better job keeping in touch with people though. I’m horrible with remembering to call people and I typically wait for someone to make the first move when it comes to just about everything. It’s a lack of confidence thing. I’m working on it, just don’t expect too much.

In strange news, recently at work, a few of our production staff members from Malaysia jumped over to these shores for a few weeks. They recently went back but wanted to take a picture with me as, for some reason, I have become one of the editorial staff they communicate with. So, I got my picture taken. Just yesterday, I got the picture back and it’s not a bad picture, but it was the note that made me squirm. She wrote, and I’m paraphrasing, “After seeing your picture, you have more fans over here. [emoticon]” I don’t know what that means.  I hope it’s good. I did have a nice shirt on that day.

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