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startrekposterPreface: I have never seen a full episode of Star Trek. I have never seen any of the movies. I know about as much about the characters as anybody who has a deep knowledge of pop culture and spends every Wednesday in a comic shop. Well, probably not compared to those guys, but in short, I know the names, I got an idea of the picture, and I know a few of the catchlines. (“I’m a doctor, not a …”, “Live long and prosper”, “Beam me up…”)

Yet, I really enjoyed this movie. The bad guys didn’t seem all that tough, but I did like seeing Kirk get punched by just about everyone but the Russian kid. Halfway through the movie, I wanted to punch him.

It was very entertaining. I laughed often. More often than I was probably supposed to, at least judging by the lack of laughing by my fellow movie goers. I like the Russian kid named Chekov. I also like the plays he writes later in life, if it’s the same person. Simon Pegg is still a genius as well. I didn’t know he also did a Scottish accent. And Dr. Bones was hilarious. I believe I did laugh (and was supposed to…I was in a lame theater) whenever he spoke.

However, the little love triangle between Uhura, Kirk and Spock didn’t really do anything for me. Thought it was a bit lame.  Love…who needs it?

I look forward to the next installment. And the best rating I can give it was: I never looked at my watch.

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