I’ve Loved You So Long

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lovedsolongposterIf you have a heart, this movie will affect you. The acting is superb and the story is fantastic. After fifteen years of separation, two sisters are reunited. One has become a popular professor at a French university, married with two small children, who all live in a beautiful house with her husband’s father. The other has been in prison.

Kristin Scott Thomas shows, through mainly facial expressions, all of the emotions of returning to society after being imprisoned. The other actors, specifically the actress who plays her sister, the actor who plays her parole officer, and the actor who plays a colleague of her sister, shine and add many layers to this rich story.

Throughout the movie, you learn her past. You piece together why she was in prison throughout the movie, but by the end, you are not as concerned with that portion of the story as with if her will readjust to society. I had multiple tears in my eyes as others accept her for her past and learn not to judge someone for where they have been, but instead, for what they can do.

Made in France (yes, with subtitles), I felt incredibly sympathetic for this character even as I found out her past. I hope in real life I would be as sympathetic to real person.

I believe I will add this movie to my collection soon. I believe it deserves multiple viewings. I would most likely force people to watch it though. Highly recommended.

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