Scrubs: The End?

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I went in and out when it came to Scrubs. I watched the second season, I believe part of the fourth and the last three. I have also seen a lot in syndication. I can’t explain why I never got into the show as I do with a multitude of other shows.

But the last episode that was on tonight got to me. The sentimentality of J.D. is definitely something I related to. And that may be why I don’t really like him: I’m quite similar without being over-the-top. I daydream a lot and think about the possibilities of life. I overdo things and try too hard. I want people to like me and I want to like people. I just want to help.

And I think I accomplish a lot of those things. It is hard to say goodbye. You do just keep moving on and hoping things don’t pass you by.

The focal point of the episode was J.D. wanting a perfect goodbye. I always think about that. I plan out speeches, conversations, events…just about everything with the idea of a good goodbye. I want to be remembered and I want to be cherished for what I do, but really, in the end, it’s just another thing to do in a day. It doesn’t have to be perfect or even good, it just has to be me.

I spend a lot of time alone thinking about these sorts of things. Mainly, because I have to. If I quit thinking about life and it’s ramifications, I get a bit down since I live with my parents, have a lot of debt, very few friends in the area, or anyone special to share anything with. So, I think a lot about perfection, about life, and goodbyes. I look to change and I imagine its permutations. They can be fun or they can be disastorous. In the end though, it’s up to me to decide.

Whether or not Scrubs returns next season with a new crew of people, the last eight seasons will live on in syndication for a long time. I feel it is one of those generational shows. Although NBC treated it like an ugly stepchild, it may be one of their longest lasting sitcoms. It touches on life, death, work, health, relationships, and almost everything that is a universal. Yes, it’s quirky and at times annoying, but we all are quirking and annoying at times.

Just like a sitcom –

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