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Arlen Specter has become the most conservative Democrat. For many on both the right and the left, that sends chills down their spines.  And that is the problem in modern politics.

We expect purity. The left is the left and the right is the right. We turn political parties and ideologies into demagogues and ideologues.  This isn’t new, but let’s go back to 2006 and Joe Lieberman. I have never been the biggest fan of the Senator from Connecticut, but I did not believe it was smart or honest for the Democratic Party to support a more liberal candidate in the primary. That is not why someone joins a party and does not serve as a Senator or Vice Presidential nominee for the party. There needs to be a little bit of support and reverance if someone wants to be a member.

I supported the Iraq war back in 2002 and still do today. I believe in a general neo-liberal idea that most consider “policemen of the world”. I have always seen a need in a very liberal human rights way. I am relentless in my liberalism when it comes to globalization, economics, and foreign policy. However, that does not mean pacifism as the left has become in the last thirty years. But my support for a universal armed forces does not fit in with the Democratic Party. And my other beliefs, mainly on social issues, do not fall in line with the Republicans. I’m not what I would consider a moderate in any form.

Yet, there are so many moderate who also don’t fit in the perfect hole known as a political party. Conservative Democrats (Blue Dogs) or liberal Republicans (Rockefeller Republicans) have existed for a long time. Yet, both are disliked by a vocal minority on TV and the web. Think about the big picture and the greater good. Moderates are in a perfect position to give ideas. Listen to them. At least the President appears to be doing that. We’ll see if the vocal left leave Specter and his fellow conservative Democrats alone or if they become punching bags as the former liberal Republican from Pennsylvania has become for the right.

Democrats – listen to Will Rogers who said, “I am not a member of an organized political party. I am a Democrat.” For better or for worse, the Democratic Party has always been a coalition party. Especially when it won elections. Let’s continue the winning streaks.

And to close…Justice Souter retiring? Crazyness. Cass Sunstein? Is your table ready?

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