He’s A Celebrity?

jury selection

I wanted to see Rod Blagojevich on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here.

Why? I wanted to witness the insanity of this cartoon character who was a twice elected public official kicked out of office for horrible corruption wandering through the rainforest.

Yes, I know his crimes are horrible and he put my home state through a lot of crap, but think about all the tasks he would have to do. And the consequences of the trip. It would answer so many questions about his personality and his thought-processes. Does his hair move if it gets wet? What happens if he doesn’t have a comb? Does it fall off? I need to know.

Imagine him talking to other washed up celebrities and people no one cares all that much for. I would love to see what he talks about with Angie Dickinson, or whoever else they put on this island. Will they discuss fashion? Insanity? Money?Maybe he could discuss hairstyles with Sanjaya from American Idol. (Remember him? Not really?) Or what would Geraldo ask him? It would be must-see-TV. And all of that would probably be seen by possible jurors. Oh, the humanity…

He would also eat bugs or testicles or something equally disgusting. I understand prison is horrible, but I want to see him have to eat a hissing cockroach. I don’t think they serve those in federal lockup.

It would cap a career of showboating for the camera and making decisions based on how it appears. He knows the case is very strong against him. He knows the public is against him. Here was his chance to redeem something. It used to use children or the disabled or the poor. He was a master at deception. It would be perfect for a Survivor like show with useless celebrities.

I don’t want to see him dance or talk to Donald Trump. I want to see him live in someplace that isn’t Ravenswood for just a few weeks. Let’s see if he’s as good at buying votes in Costa Rica as he was here in Illinois.

Maybe Roland Burris can go instead. Winner of reality show would look nice on your temple/gravestone/museum…just a suggestion.

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