The Pawn

jury selection

Below is a new poem that I have been working on. I wanted it to read in one long post, so I will differentiate this opening from the rest. I came up with it at 4:15 three weeks ago at work. I read a word in a case and it stuck in my head. Here is what came next:

Misused and disrespected.
For your personal gain. I traveled this far with no barrier too large.
But you treat me as if I’m weak, useless, and expendable.

Yet, you need me. Right now.
I become your champion?
Your last chance at success?
I become so much more.

I am forever the same.
Even after promotion
Forever one with those you discarded and lost.

A wall of protection from larger harms,
We saved your victory,
Your only chance.
To be forgotten in celebration.

As I near my promotion,
I pray for harm
And self sacrifice.

The noble battle did not feel the same.
Your goals are no longer my own.
You become giddy with contemplations of my promotions,
To provide you with your last glorious, new weapon.

But one wrong step and the road is cut off
Promotion is

Again, my presence is walled.
I stand at attention,
Forever one step away from your conquest.
One step away,
Provides me my independence.

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