The Isolation in Geekhood

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After watching the Battlestar Galactica finale last night, which was fantastic, I realized I am missing something: geek friends to discuss geek matters with. Whether it’s after an episode of Lost, an issue of Action Comics, or some philosophical/scientific theory that will pop into my head, I have to hold onto the information. Or I can write it down in an entry on this website.

I read a lot of comics, I watch a lot of TV, and then I read a lot of websites to feel some sort of connection to a community that I am disconnected to. I have no idea where to find brothers-in-arms in regards to such programming or storytelling, but I think it would be great to have someone to bounce these ideas off of.

I went to bed after 1 am (because I watched the finale from 11:00 to 12:30) and could not stop thinking about the show. I was dissecting different scenes and morals that were finally coming together after the four seasons. I thought of the ramifications of the story and how much I will miss the characters involved. And to fully develop these thoughts, I went online. I know where to find discussion boards or blogs that will let me interact with the material.

But it would be fantastic to meet a person one day who knows what I’m talking about when I say “Blackest Night” or “Kara Thrace” or “Grant Morrison”. Unfortunately, I have always felt that to truly get involved in these stories, you need sounding boards. Television can be such a lonely pursuit, but it shouldn’t be. Reading could be a solitary mission, but it shouldn’t be.

Maybe there is some sort of group online that I can join to meet people with similar interests. Or maybe I will just have to always confine my geeky tendencies to the internet. But the hardest part of watching The Big Bang Theory is that I know what they’re talking about and they have discussion that I only dream of having. The endless battle of who’s fastest: The Flash or Superman, or debating whether the new Dr. Who could possibly be as exciting as David Tennant.

Instead, I just think about these stories and there is nothing wrong with that. But Gods, just fraking once, it would be fun to have that discussion face-to-face.

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