The Visitor

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The VisitorI wanted to see this movie for Richard Jenkins’ performance, but ended up really liking the entire story. It was a bit heavy handed with its critiques of the immigration policy in this country, but some heavy handedness may be useful in the discussion. Overall, a good movie with a gentle plot and an interesting academic (yes, he is searching for a real purpose, but get over that).

However, the best part of this movie may not have been put into this movie. The number of times that I heard “I’m sorry” or “Thank you” at very interesting points of the plot created an excellent portrait of our oversensitive society. In some instances the phrases fit perfectly into the tapestry, but other times it was not seamless and they seemed out of place. I focused on these phrases for some reason. I cannot tell you why they became a focal point to the plot in my eyes, but I do not think I would have enjoyed the movie so much without it.

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