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What Comics I Read – January 13, 2019

In this second week, I read 14 comics from December. As I slowly make my way to catch up to the week at hand, I enjoyed most of these books. As a reminder, these...


Breedlove, Harper, and the Poll Tax

Justice Douglas published An Almanac of Liberty in 1954. And on December 6, he recalled the 1937 Breedlove v. Suttles decision that upheld a state poll tax. Twelve years later, he wrote the majority decision that held...

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Lincoln and Wilson on a Dissident Press

When you open up your Smartphone, since no one buys a newspaper, the headlines contain a daily reminder that the press remains an enemy of the people. Justice Douglas wrote, “Acceptance by government of...


Gaslighting a Murder

A Saudi dissent journalist was murdered, dismembered and destroyed in a Saudi consulate in Turkey. Our government, including a hard line Secretary of State, gaslights us. For those who don’t know the movie Gaslight, a...

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Buttons and Bows

I turned it off after he questioned Sen. Klobuchar if she had ever blacked out after drinking. Petulant men never look good. Sen. Graham had already looked unhinged and took control for the Republicans...

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Bullies, the Supreme Court, and Defense

I dreamed of sitting on the Supreme Court. When I went to American University for its Washington Semester program, everyone in the room wanted to become President. I wanted to become Earl Warren. I...