Rock The Western World


Buttons and Bows

I turned it off after he questioned Sen. Klobuchar if she had ever blacked out after drinking. Petulant men never look good. Sen. Graham had already looked unhinged and took control for the Republicans...

ByeByeBirdie 2

Bullies, the Supreme Court, and Defense

I dreamed of sitting on the Supreme Court. When I went to American University for its Washington Semester program, everyone in the room wanted to become President. I wanted to become Earl Warren. I...


George Washington Says Goodbye

On September 19, 1796, President George Washington gave his farewell address. Washington warned the new nation of two concerns: tribalism and foreign affairs. With the new republic still grasping the Constitution, Washington begins by...


Royal City by Jeff Lemire

Writer/Artist: Jeff LemirePublisher: Image ComicsPublished from March 2017 through August 2018 In his closing letter, Jeff Lemire wrote about how he thought that he would spend a lot of time in Royal City and...


Bertrand Russell and A Liberal Decalogue

As our President wanders around Europe disgracing our nation and the world, I saw tweets floating around quoting Bertrand Russell from Yascha Mounk. He quoted A Liberal Decalogue, which Russell published in the New York Times...