End Fear. Stop Pointing Fingers. No More Excuses.

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3 Responses

  1. Mike Mullins says:

    A very insightful look at the actual root of many problems facing our society today. I think your analysis is correct: we tend to shift responsibility for our actions and responses to others……or “factors beyond control” when a truly objective analysis would lead to a very different and effective response. As a firearms owner and active competitor ( not “assault ” rifles) i have been very disappointed in society’s responses to these situations. As a kid growing up in a semi-rural area in the 1950’s, a place with many firearms, I never either these situations, or the lack of a sense of personal responsibility in society.
    Your analysis is pretty much spot on. (As usual)

  2. Elaine Mcdonald says:

    I agree with you. The point about collecting guns is right on. I went to a talk by Paul Prather the religious columnist and asked why Christians condone easy access to guns and automatic weapons. He responded about how his relative wouldn’t hurt a fly but collected guns and how it was a rural southern cultural thing. He said people not from that culture could not understand. I disagree because I grew up in rural southern Kentucky and my dad had a few rifles rarely used but there were no automatic weapons available then. I think it is the NRA, right wing whipping people up and spreading fear and distrust of neighbors and government. I bet most homes in Kentucky have more weapons than we can imagine and we are suffering from more shootings than ever deliberate and accidental. I wish people did not embrace this idea of killing others and keep guns just in case they might wish to do so. Keep up the good thoughts.

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