Poor Laws in America: 1930s Edition

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  1. David Hulm says:

    You’ve written about my grandparents. My father, Jerome, was the youngest of the during this time period. One of his sisters, Mary, died in an orphanage before this incident. Thanks for re-examining this issue in America. Sadly, it’s not all in the past.

  2. David Hulm says:

    It’s so very strange to find one’s family the subject of study–I found more about their story in a Harvard dissertation. They were also known as “the family no one wants” and my grandfather was referred to as “The Man Without a County.” As far as I know, my grandfather was not paralyzed, though he was disabled; his right foot had been cut off in an accident involving a train, and his left hand had been severely damaged by fire.

    • Dan says:

      I would imagine that it is strange to find so much about your family in legal literature! But based on what was written by Justice Douglas and the court case, your family’s struggle should be remembered due to their fight was a struggle for liberty and justice. I will definitely note in my essay about your grandfather’s condition. I got the information from the court case and the book An Almanac of Liberty and it is wonderful to get more information.

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