Being Blocked and Unfriended Online

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  1. Patrick says:

    As much as people want to believe that online social networks like Twitter and Facebook are analogs of our real world social networks and the interaction that comes with them, I believe that they are actually nothing more than entertainment sites. Many people check their feed when they want stimuli, not because they actually want real interaction or enrichment. Hence, once something is creating discord, it is culled.

    The result is a finely curated echo chamber that stifles personal growth, and turns public disagreement (even well-intentioned, responsible disagreement) into a faux pas. Even Reddit, which is by definition a discussion forum, downvotes anything that doesnt fit with the ideology of the supposed hivemind, until you’re left with a predictable pattern of responses to any serious post.

    Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure this view of people as nothing but our entertainment is starting to bleed into the real world. If we can easily excise a person from our digital lives without risk of fallout, chances are we’ll start doing the same in our real lives.

    Good post.

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