Culling the Herd

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2 Responses

  1. Dave Clarke says:

    Damn man, thats a lot of comics.
    If you really want to cull them, and seeing as I think all of them are available digitally, trying taking a month off and seeing which ones you miss reading. Hell, you might even save some money with all the DC and Image books going down in price digitally after a month.

    Then again, I only follow about 6 series on an ongoing basis (Prophet, Saga, Glory, Manhattan Projects, DHP and Double Barrel) so what do I know :

    • Dan Billings says:

      I know it! I actually trimmed down a good deal, but the problem became that I was so far behind that I was just buying issues of things I hadn’t read in six months. Obviously, I hadn’t been reading them, so I wasn’t on the edge of my seat enjoying it at all. But it’s that obsessive comic collector gene that made me want to continue buying Nightwing forever because he’s my favorite character. But I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed a Nightwing story…

      I read five out of the six (didn’t pick up Glory) and DHP is something I buy digitally for the markdown in price a few months later.

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