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My Country: The Declaration of Independence

“Inking”by daimoneklund is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 Justice Douglas starts An Almanac of Liberty where our nation began – the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. The process of adoption began on April...

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Unbroken Wheels and Game of Thrones

When I met Brian, he really enjoyed the show Game of Thrones. And he wanted to get me to like it. I failed spectacularly. I would ask too many questions. Nothing made any sense. And I...

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A Long Time Coming

I feel like I have abandoned this blog again as I do many times in the course of its existence. When it’s a one man show where I get to write about things I...


Oscars 2019 – Flash in the Pan

Last year, we went to the Cinemark for an entire week. We watched several great movies (Phantom Thread, Get Out), several good movies (Lady Bird, Dunkirk), and several movies I have forgotten. In 2019, the Best Picture...

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Libel, Actual Malice, and Bill Cosby

On February 19, 2019, the Supreme Court released a denial of a petition for a writ of certiorari. Katherine McKee filed a defamation suit against Bill Cosby and his attorneys after the released a...


What Comics I Read – January 13, 2019

In this second week, I read 14 comics from December. As I slowly make my way to catch up to the week at hand, I enjoyed most of these books. As a reminder, these...